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You can use this excellent and easy to operate FEGLI Calculator to find out the premiums of the life insurance and even the coverage amounts under the FEGLI Program. Just provide input numbers in the provided boxes and click on the calculate button to find the answer to your several questions in a fraction of seconds.

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Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Calculator: Want to become a professional in keeping the track of your life insurance coverage as well as the Extra Benefits? Then stick to this page. Here we have provided the simple and manual prolonged procedure to solve your questions in a short period. Review it from the next sections and get the result. Also, find out the solved examples which are valuable to understand the concept easily.

What is FEGLI?

FEGLI is an acronym for ‘Federal Employees Group Life Insurance ’. It is the largest group life insurance program for Federal and Postal employees and retirees in the U.S. It is the largest insurance scheme launched specifically for federal employees, retired people & their families. FEGLI has covered almost all employees & it gives group life term insurance. 

Basic Insurance Amount (BIA)

FEGLI gives ‘Basic life Insurance’ (BIA) & with it gives 3 more optional insurance, which we can opt for if we want. 3 options are standard, additional & family. These options should be chosen, as it was not allocated automatically. The cost of BIA is divided into 3 parts. The insured person has to pay 2/3 amount & the remaining 1/3 amount is covered by the government. Here, the cost of BIA is the same for every person irrespective of age. But when you choose one of three optional insurance, that cost should be borne by the insured person.

Option A – Standard Insurance

This is standard insurance which allows employees to buy an additional $10,000 worth of coverage at their own expense if they are already covered by Basic life insurance. During this insurance, the premium rates are relatively moderate but increase with time.

Option B – Additional

Option B FEGLI Coverage is additional insurance which allows the employees to opt for an amount equal to one, two, three, four or five times of their annual basic pay, after making a round of the next $1,000.

Option C – Family

Option C coverage is basically for the family of employees. With this, you can get coverage for your spouse and eligible dependent children under a single policy but at your own expense. Similar to Option B, here also you can select up to five multiples of coverage. Each of the multiple is equal to $2,500 for each of your children and $5,000 for your spouse. 

Steps to Calculate Your FEGLI Coverage and Premium

  • First, we will round off the basic salary to the next 1000$ and add 2000$ to get Basic Insurance Amount.
  • Option A will be calculated by adding an additional 10,000$ to the Basic Insurance Amount.
  • Option B will be calculated by multiplying the coverage up to 5 times the salary of the employee.
  • Option C will be calculated by multiplying family coverage up to 5 times with any selection of$5,000 for the spouse and/or $2,500 for each dependent child.
  • Finally, adding the calculated values will be the required Total FEGLI coverage.

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Solved Example Determining the FEGLI Coverage

Determine the FEGLI coverage if the Basic Pay is $62,157 and Option B is selected 2 times and option C with 3 times for a spouse.


Here Basic Salary = $62,157

Round off $62,157 will give $63,000 and calculating BIA


So, BIA = $65,000

Now calculating FEGLI coverage Option A, Option B and Option C

For, Option A FEGLI coverage

Option A = BIA + $10,000

Option A = $65,000+$10,000


For, Option B FEGLI coverage

Option B = 2 × Basic Salary

Option B = 2 × $63,000

= $126,000.00

For, Option C FEGLI coverage

Option C = 3 × $5,000

Option C = 3 × $5,000


Total FEGLI coverage =BIA+Option A+Option B+Option C

Total FEGLI coverage = $65,000+$75,000+$126,000+$15,000


Hence, we get the Total FEGLI Coverage of $281,000.

Frequently Asked Questions on FEGLI Calculator

1. How much is the FEGLI death benefit?

An amount of $10,000 as a Death benefit will be provided to the beneficiary.

2. How long does it take to receive FEGLI death benefits within 30 days?

It should take 30 days from the date a beneficiary filed a notice of claim and submitted all necessary supporting documents.

3. Does FEGLI cover all deaths?

Yes, Regardless of the reason or location of death FEGLI life insurance benefits are payable.

4. Does FEGLI pay a lump sum?

FEGLI benefits can be taken as a lump sum or monthly installments over three years.

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