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Fuel Economy Calculator is useful to find the vehicle's fuel economy using a simple data set. Just enter the inputs, amount of fuel consumed and distance covered and click the calculate button to check the fuel economy within no time.

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Fuel Economy Calculator: Calculate the estimate of the average fuel economy effortlessly by checking this page. You may find out that calculating the Fuel economy is the most typical task. Get the simple steps to find the fuel economy with solved examples from the below sections. So, you will get to learn about fuel economy and other useful information along with our easy and handy fuel economy tool.

What is Fuel Economy?

The distance traveled by a vehicle and the portion of fuel consumed is related to automobile fuel economy. We can see the fuel consumption as the volume of fuel to travel a distance, or the distance traveled per unit volume of fuel consumed.

Fuel economy metrics are presented in MPG (miles per gallon) where the imperial system is used. Fuel economy measurements are supplied in KMPL (kilometres per litre) where the metric system is used. A vehicle with a greater fuel economy ratio is more fuel-efficient.

How Can I Improve My Fuel Economy?

Our driving habits have a big influence on fuel economy. Follow these easy ways:

  • Take it easy on the gas pedal
  • Slow down
  • Leave any leftovers at home
  • Turn on the cruise control (When Appropriate)
  • Exit the Vehicle
  • Determine Tire Pressure
  • Change the spark plugs
  • Double-check your alignment
  • Fill Your Tank early in the Morning or Late at Night

How Do You Calculate the Fuel Economy?

  1. First, we need to check the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Note down the fuel consumption used.
  2. Check the distance you covered when you fill the tank & when it needs to refill.
  3. Now, to find the fuel economy in terms of miles per gallon, use this formula:
    • Miles per gallon = D / Fwhere, D = distance covered in miles & F = fuel filled in the tank in gallons.
  4. To calculate fuel economy (kilometres per litre), use this formula:
    • Kilometers per liter = D / F where, D = distance covered in kilometres &F = fuel filled in the tank in litres.

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Solved Example to Calculate Fuel Economy and Usage


Calculate the fuel consumption & usage of an SUV if the weekly distance covered by it is 210 km & 25 litres of fuel is filled in a car. Here, the cost of fuel is 1.23 dollars.


Here, use the formula for KMPL:

Kilometers per liter = D / F = 210 / 25 = 8.4 KMPL

Now, the cost per litre is 1.23$.

So, the total fuel usage of an SUV over a week is 1.23 × 25 litres = 255.75 $

FAQs on Free Handy Fuel Mileage Calculator India

1. What is a good fuel economy per 100km?

More than 16.5km/1-litre or less than 6-litres/100km is deemed to be quite good fuel economy per 100km.

2. Which speed saves fuel?

The Energy Saving Trust says that the most efficient speed for best fuel economy is 55-65 mph.

3. How much fuel does a 1500cc car consume per kilometre?

The 1500cc 4-cylinder engine has an average fuel consumption rating of 18.0km/L.

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