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Exponential growths model many phenomena, from biology to finance. With this bacterial generation time calculator you will discover how to calculate bacterial growth over time, its main features, and parameters.

If you want to find the bacterial growth over time and its parameters then this Generation Time Calculator is definitely for you. You just have to provide the respective inputs like Number of bacteria at time 0 i.e. N(0), Number of bacteria at time t i.e. N(t), Elapsed time t, etc. to find the Growth Rate, Doubling Time, etc.

Number of bacteria at the time 0, N(0)
Number of bacteria at the time t, N(t)
Elapsed time (t)

Generation Time Calculator: If you want to know more in detail about Bacterial Growth Over time, its features and parameters then you have come the right way. keeping in mind we have come up with a tool that lets you find generation time, doubling time with detailed steps. In addition, we have covered info like generation time of bacteria, what are the rules for bacterial population growth, how to find bacterial growth rate, etc. Keep reading to study more about bacterial population growth and why is it important in the coming modules.

What is Exponential Growth?

Usually, Exponential Growth Models are used whenever there is an increase in a quantity by constant percentage per time unit. However, the sie of increment depends on the function value at the last step. Exponential Growth Models seem lazy in the beginning and observes a drastic increase in the later stages. In fact, these are the fastest growing functions in Maths.

What is meant by Generation Time?

Generation Time td is defined as the time needed to double the population in size using binary fission. The Generation Time of Bacteria Formula used to calculate the generation time is given by N(td) = 2*N(0) =N(0)*(1+r)td

Here td is nothing but the doubling time and its formula is given by the equation td = ln(2)/ln(1+r) = t*ln(2)/ln N(t)/ln N(0)

How do you Calculate Generation Time of Bacteria?

The procedure to find the Generation Time is explained clearly below. They are as such

  • Firstly, find out the Initial Number of Bacteria at Starting Time, Growth Rate, Elapsed Time from given data.
  • Now add 1 to the Growth Rate and then find the resultant value to the power elapsed time.
  • Later on multiply the Initial Number of Bacteria at Starting Time with the value obtained in earlier step.
  • Therefore, you will get the Initial Number of Bacteria at time t i.e. N(t)

We know the equation to find exponential growth is given by N(t) = N(t0)*(1+r)t-t0. As the time t0 is 0 the equation is further simplified as N(t) = N(0)*(1+r)t

Rearranging the above equation we get bacterial growth rate r = N(t)1/t/N(0) - 1

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FAQs on Generation Time Calculator

1. What is meant by Generation Time?

Generation Time is nothing but the time for population to double in size through binary fission.

2. What is the formula to calculate Generation Time?

The formula to calculate Generation Time is given by N(td) = 2*N(0) =N(0)*(1+r)td.

3. How do you Calculate Doubling Time?

Doubling Time can be found using the formula td = ln(2)/ln(1+r) = t*ln(2)/ln N(t)/ln N(0).

Generation time calculator