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An overweight calculator is used to check the accurate weight of your body. It's an easy tool to check whether your weight is correct according to your height or you are overweight. In this article, we have shared a handy overweight calculator to check your body weight. You have to put some values and your weight will be calculated in a few seconds by just clicking the calculate button.


Overweight and Body Mass Index - Definition & Meaning

Being overweight is nothing but the extra weight of your body concerning your height. A healthy body must have its body weight in a range according to its height. This is known as Body Mass Index. The body mass index (BMI) was defined by a group of three doctors name Dallal GE, Must A, and Dietz WH by examining a group of different people.

The reason for being overweight is not always due to an increase in body fat in the body, it may be because of the increase in the size of lean muscles. Professional athletes and military personnel have lean muscles. The weight of a person sometimes increases due to some illness in the body or due to hormonal imbalance.

Body Mass Index Formula

Body mass index is the measurement of your body fat concerning your height. Knowing your body mass helps to prevent many diseases like cardiac issues, cancer, joint pain, and blood pressure, and maintain the cholesterol level of your body.

[Formula Body Mass Index = Weight (in kg) / Height (in mt²)]

To calculate body mass index manually you have to follow these steps.

  • First, you have to measure your weight in kilograms.
  • The second step is to measure your height in centimeters (cm) or meters (mt²).
  • If you have measured your height in centimeters divide it by 100 and change it into meters.
  • Put all the values in the formula,

[ BMI = Weight of body (in kg)/ Height of body (in mt2.)]


Ram has a body weight 65 kg, and his height is 165 cm. Then calculate the BMI of Ram if Ram is overweight or normal weight?


The height of Ram is given in centimeters change it into meters by dividing it by 100,

Height of Ram = 165 cm /100 = 1.65 mt.

The body weight of Ram is given in the question,

Put both values in the formula

BMI of Ram = Weight of Ram / Height of Ram in mt2.

BMI of Ram = 65 / 1.65

BMI of Ram = 23.87 kg/mt2

The BMI of Ram is in the normal range, hence Ram has a healthy weight.

How to use the Overweight Calculator?

To check if your body weight is normal or if you are overweight, you have to put some values in this handy calculator, and then just click on the calculate button to get the result. Follow these steps to check whether you are overweight or normal.

  • Step 1: First you have to fill up your current age in the column of the calculator.
  • Step 2: After filling in the age, you have to choose the gender.
  • Step 3: Then, fill your height in centimeters (cm).
  • Step 4: Measure your current weight from a weighing machine in kilogram (kg).
  • Step 5: Press the calculate button.
  • Step 6: Your body mass index is calculated, and it will show in the result whether you have overweight or normal weight.

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FAQs on Overweight Calculator

1. What is the formula for calculating body mass if body weight is given in pounds and height in inches?

The Body mass index is calculated by the formula,BMI = Weight of body in Pound / Height of Body in Inches.

2. Why measuring body mass index is necessary?

By getting the knowledge of our body mass index, we get the knowledge of whether have a healthy body or are overweight. If we are overweight, then we have a risk of being ill. We may have the chances of high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, we can be patients with cardiac diseases and cancers, etc. So to keep our body healthy we must need to check our body mass index timely.

3. What is the normal body mass index (BMI)?

Body mass index is defined for different weight groups at age of 20 or more.

  • Normal Weight BMI = 18.5 to 24.9
  • Underweight BMI = less than 18.5
  • Overweight BMI = 25 to 29.9
  • Obese BMI = more than 30

4. What is the range of BMI for children and Teenagers?

In children and teenagers, the BMI is calculated in Percentage form. Here is the range of BMI for children.

  • Normal BMI for Children = 5 to 85 %
  • A child is Underweight if BMI = less than 5 %.
  • A child is Overweight if BMI = between 85 to 95 %
  • A child is obese if he has BMI = More than 95 %.
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