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A snow calculator is a tool used to predict snowfall. The snow calculator is also used to predict the chance of school closing during snowfall. In this article, we have shared the handy snow calculator in which you have to just put the values like temperature, volume, and density of snow and just press the calculate button to get the result of snow weight.

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Snow Calculator: It is a calculator that is used to calculate the weight of snowfall dimension, area, and depth. Snow is frozen water crystals that vary in weight, density, and volume. A snow calculator is used to weigh snowfall on roofs and roads. Go through the later modules to be aware of details like what is Snow Weight, Formula to Calculate Snow Weight, Procedure on How to find Snow Weight with examples.

How to Calculate the Snow Weight?

We are sharing the steps involved in the calculation of snow weight manually. They are along the lines

  • Step 1: The first step is to Calculate the surface area (Volume) of snow in mt3, by the formula
  • The volume of snow (V) = Area of snow (A) * depth of snow (d in mt)
  • Step 2: find the density of snow, and check the units given in the question if not in the SI unit convert it into an SI unit i.e. Kg/m³.
  • Step 3: Input the values in the formula. M (s) = V (s) * P (s) .Multiply them and get the result.
  • Step 4: Now Calculate the weight of snow in kg.

Snow Weight Formula

The snow weight is calculated by multiplying the volume of snow by its density. Here is the formula for it:M(s) =V (s) * P (s)

  • Where M(s) = is the mass of snow (in kg)
  • V(s) = Volume of snow (in m³)
  • P(s) = Density of Snow (in kg/m³)

Volume of Snow (Vs) = Area (A)* Depth (D)


If the temperature of the air is zero degrees celsius, and the snowfall is 3.5 cm. The area of snow falling on the roof is 25 square meters then find the weight of the snowfall if the Depth of snow is 119.17 kg/m³


Temperature of the air = 0 degree

Depth of the snowfall = 3.5 cm= 3.5/100 = 0.035 mt

Surface area of snow = 25 square mt.

Weight of the Snow = 0.035 * 25 * 119.17

= 104.273 kg

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FAQs on Snow Calculator

1. What is the SI Unit of Density?

The SI unit of Density is kg/m³.

2. Can we Predict the Snowfall going to happen on a particular day?

We can check the probability of snowfall on a particular day but can not say the exact fall of snow.

3. How to calculate the volume of the snow?

You can find the volume of the snow by using the formula i.e volume (s) = Area of Snow (A) * Dept of the snow (D) in mt. and the SI Unit of volume is m³.

4. What is the SI unit of mass of snow?

The SI unit of weight/ mass of snow is Kg.

Snow weight calculator