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Take advantage of our online subset calculator tool that determines the total number of proper subsets and improper subsets in a set. To use this calculator, give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button to get the answers effortlessly.

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Subset Relationship Calculator: If you are feeling difficulty finding a number of subsets in a set? use our free online subset calculator tool that helps you to calculate the number of subsets in a set. And also we are proving formulas, definitions and steps and examples on how to find subset in a set in further sections.

How to Find a Number of Subsets in a set?

The subset can be defined as, if all the elements of A are available in the set B then it is called A subset of B. And it can be expressed as A⊆B. Symbol of the subset is ''⊆''. And also if the elements in A are also included in set B along with some other elements then that set is known as a powerset.

The formula for the subset is 2n.

In this subset, we have two types: 1. proper set and 2. improper set. 

We call a set a proper subset when we have the given set in the subset. And if we see the formula of the proper subset is 2n - 1. 

Improper is the subset which is not a proper subset.

Steps to Calculate Subsets:

Follow the steps or procedure to find the number of subsets in a set.

  • Mainly, note the numbers that were given in the problem.
  • Now, find the number of elements in a set.
  • Then, you need to apply the formula of subset, i.e.,  2n.
  • Finally, substitute the elements in a set as n and find the answer.


Question: Find the number of subsets of A? If A= { 1,2,3,4}


Given, A= { 1,2,3,4}

As the set A contains 4 elements.

Here, n = 4 

Now, Apply the formula of subsets in a set 

=  2n

= 24

= 16.

Therefore, set A has 16 subsets.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Subset Calculator

1. How subsets can be calculated?

Subsets can be calculated by the formula, i.e.,  2n.

2. What is a proper subset?

Proper subset when we have the given set in the subset.

3. What is the formula for the power set?

The formula of the power set is n[P(A)]  =  2n.

4. What is the best calculator tool to find a number of subsets?

A subset calculator is the best calculator tool to find a number of subsets.

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