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Free Trigonometric Functions Calculator f(π) provides the values of the trigonometric functions for the given angle in terms of π. You have to provide the angle, select one trigonometry function as input and press the calculate button to avail the output.

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Trigonometry Functions Calculator f(π): Calculate the trig functions values f(π) easily with the help of this handy Trig Functions Calculator f(π). It gives the exact value of the functions such as sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, and cosec quickly. Learn about what are trigonometric functions, trigonometry table in terms of π from this page. Obtain the detailed steps to calculate trigonometry functions having π values.

What are Trigonometric Fuctions?

The six trigonometry functions are sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant and secant. In short, they are sin, cos, tan, cot, sec and cosec respectively. These functions define the relationship between the sides and angles of a right-angled triangle. The trigonometry functions formulas, graphs and trigonometric functions table is provided here.

Trigonometric Functions Formulas

  • sinx = opposite isde/hypotenuse
  • cosx = adjacent side/hypotenuse
  • tanx = opposite side/adjacent side
  • cotx = adjacent side/opposite side
  • secx = hypotenuse/adjacent side
  • cosecx = hypotenuse/opposite side

Trigonometric Functions Graph


Trigonometry Ratios Table

  Trigonometry Ratios Table
Angles (In Radians) π/6 π/4 π/3 π/2 π 3π/2
sin 0 1/2 1/√2 √3/2 1 0 -1 0
cos 1 √3/2 1/√2 1/2 0 -1 0 1
tan 0 1/√3 1 √3 0 0
cot √3 1 1/√3 0 0
cosec 2 √2 2/√3 1 -1
sec 1 2/√3 √2 2 -1 1

How to Use Trigonometric Functions Calculator f(π)?

Check out the simple steps to utilise free trig functions calculator f(π).

  • Enter the angle value.
  • Select any one trigonometric function from drop-down list.
  • Click
  • the calculate button.
  • The trig function value will appear on the screen.


Find the sec value if the x = 2π/3?


Given x = 2π/3

sin(2π/3) = -2

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FAQ's on Trigonometry Functions Calculator f(π)

1. What is π in trigonometry?

In trigonometry, π means 180 degrees. It is used to represent the angle in radians. Hence sinπ = sin180 = 0.

2. What are the 6 trig functions of pi?

The six trigonometric functions of π and their values are listed here.

  • sin(π) = 0
  • cos(π) = -1
  • tan(π) = 0
  • cot(π) = undefined
  • sec(π) = -1
  • cosec(π) = undefined

3. How do you find trigonometric functions on a calculator?

Select the trigonometry function and give the angle value in terms of π. Later press the calculate button to get the trigonometric function value as the answer.

4. What is the general solution of the trigonometric function of sinx?

The general solution of sinx is nπ + (-1)nx. This represents all the higher angle values of the sine function. For x = π/3, the higher values of x are 2π/3, 7π/3 and the general solution of x is nπ +(-1)nπ/3.

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