7 Ways To Stop Panic Attack Right Away

Have you ever got chills down your spine because of a particular situation? Here are 7 ways you can stop panic attacks.

Keep Medication

If you experience panic attacks often, then go to a therapist and get some pills that can control panic attacks at the stop.

Deep Breathing Technique

To control shortness of breath, take deep breaths to reduce the symptoms of panic attack. This is one of the best ways to calm yourself immediately.


Once you come to know that you are getting a panic attack, and then you can take appropriate actions to control it.

Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness can keep you grounded by making you aware of what is happening around. There are several ways of practicing mindfulness.

Muscle Relaxation Technique

Muscle tension is a vital symptom of panic attack. Muscle relaxation techniques can aid to reduce the effect of tension on the body and promote relaxation feeling.

Think Positive

It might be difficult to focus on a happy moment when you are going through a panic attack, but it is an effective way to stop panic attacks from affecting you.

Engage in Exercises

Exercise helps to divert stress and anxiety. Regular exercise helps to boost both physical and mental health that prevents panic attack.

Panic attack is actually a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers your physical emotions. Follow these tips to manage it well.